Curated selection of projects I’ve been working on in the last few years.

Beecool (2020)

Beecool sell resusable beeswax wraps all over Spain. All their processes are completely handcrafted, and they wanted a tailor made e-commerce.

  • Linkbeecool.es →
  • ClientBeecool
  • Technology

    Drupal 9 + GatsbyJS + ReactJS + Redux
    * Graphic design by https://www.tropicalestudio.com/

  • Technical highlights
    • Existing Drupal 8 site migration to Drupal 9
    • Drupal backoffice to manage products, carts and orders
    • Drupal API:
      • Gatsby builds from product data stored in Drupal
      • Endpoints to handle the cart, checkout and forms submissions
    • Advanced customizer tool to build custom product packs
    • Stripe integration: credit card payment on-site

Eaglemoss (2019)

Eaglemoss is the leading partwork publisher with over 40 years of experience and a passion for creative and innovative collectible products.

  • Linken-us.eaglemoss.com →
  • ClientAvatar New York (freelance work)
  • TechnologyDrupal 8
  • Technical highlights
    • Fully customized e-commerce site
    • Multi-domain architecture with 10+ countries
    • Integration with several country payment gateways
    • GTM datalayer integration
    • Highly customizable checkout
    • Integration with their ERP
    • Flexible page creation via paragraphs

WPP breathing logo (2019)

WPP is the world’s largest advertising company that creates transformative ideas and outcomes for its clients through an integrated offer of communications, experience, commerce and technology.

  • Linkwww.fontsmith.com/blog/... →
  • ClientFontsmith (freelance work)
  • TechnologyJavascript
  • Technical highlights
    • Variable Font OpenType controller
    • Creation of a Javascript motion detection system
    • Variable font control: manual, motion based and time based

DiMarzio (2018)

DiMarzio is a United States manufacturer best known for its direct-replacement guitar pickups and also produces miscellaneous guitar accessories, such as cables, straps and hardware.

  • Linkwww.dimarzio.com →
  • ClientAvatar New York (freelance work)
  • TechnologyDrupal 8 + Drupal commerce
  • Technical highlights
    • Pickup picker JS tool to find the right picker
    • ZIP / Address dealer location search
    • Youtube video integration
    • Product migration from CSV

Mohawk Paper (2017–2018)

Mohawk is a 4th generation United States company, family owned paper makers whose purpose is to make print more beautiful, effective and memorable.

  • Linkwww.mohawkconnects.com →
  • ClientAvatar New York (freelance work)
  • TechnologyDrupal 8
  • Technical highlights
    • Fully customized e-commerce site
    • Facet search powered by SOLR
    • Daily product migration / synchronization via external API
    • Integration with shipping providers
    • ZIP / Radius search

Soyvisual (2016)

Soyvisual is an Augmentative Communication System that uses illustrations and pictures to stimulate language and help people with communication needs.

  • Linkwww.soyvisual.org →
  • ClientTropical Estudio / Orange (freelance work)
  • TechnologyDrupal 7
  • Technical highlights
    • Predictive search
    • API Rest to serve external apps
    • Downloader manager for picture selection

University of Zaragoza (2014)

University of Zaragoza, founded in 1542, is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It has over 40,000 students in its 22 faculties and is the only public university in its region.

  • Linkwww.unizar.es →
  • ClientUniversity of Zaragoza
  • TechnologyDrupal 7
  • Technical highlights
    • Multi-site architecture, supporting 120+ sites with the same codebase
    • Installation profiles for the different areas
    • News integration with the University press service